P&R Health Care Solutions is a trading name for P&R Services, Investments and Trading Limited, company registered in England and Wales number 05928211. We are a nation-wide staffing care agency and are approved by CQC to provide domiciliary (home) care services in the North West and seeking to expand the business to the other regions of the country.

We supply nurses, care assistants, support workers and more

We will provide domiciliary (home) care to clients under local authorities and also to private clients.

Staffing Agency

As a staffing agency, we are focussed on providing well qualified, experienced and reliable staff to our clients at reasonable rates to help them provide quality and reliable services to their clients.

Domiciliary (Home) Care:

As a domiciliary care provider, we are focussed on providing the best quality homecare services at all times, we strictly pay attention to uncompromising quality standards. We would like to care for you or your loved ones in the way that we, ourselves and our loved ones would have liked to be cared for by others.

Our promise & commitment to you:

We believe that health and personal care matters and we are committed to providing the highest quality home care so that our clients can continue to live in their own homes with dignity, independence and privacy. Our commitment and promise to you includes:

  • Dignity & Independence: You or your loved ones will retain their dignity and independence by living in your (their) own home;
  • Competency, Caring & Compatibility: you or your loved ones will be supported by competent, caring and compatible members of our staff as long as you or your family wish;
  • Choice & Continuity: We will let you or your family decide a good choice and continuity of an appropriately skilled member of our staff, matching your requirements as closely and as quickly as possible;
  • Flexibility to you or your loved ones’ needs based on your circumstances and current home life;
  • Trust & Confidence: frequent and timely liaison meetings for an effective and smooth service which also creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence in the service we provide.

To request home care from P&R Care Solutions, Please call us on +44 1204 938 066
or request us to call you back and our dedicated team of advisors will call you.

Our Culture and Values:

P&R Health Care Solutions has a culture of maintaining a high quality standard of care, openness and transparency where all of our team members can contribute to the difference we make.

Our Directors and Management Team regularly engage with staff, our clients and clients’ representatives to inform, consult and seek feedback on decisions impacting on the business and relationship we have with our clients and their families. We use the results of feedback received from our clients and/or their families to improve the quality of our service.

The following are our values:


We believe Integrity is the hallmark of our staff throughout the organisation. It is the foundation on which our people build relationships, trust and effective interpersonal relationships. We encourage our staff to display honesty, trust, sound moral and ethical principles, acting with honour and truthfulness at work and outside work to ensure integrity is embedded within our business.


We have the ability to adapt, anticipate and respond quickly to meet complex client requirements, changes in the sector we operate and changes in laws and regulations affecting our business.


We are P&R Health Care Solutions, distinguished for highest quality care standards. We also have a variety of solutions with which we approach our business passionately delivered by a team of well trained, qualified and experienced staff to ensure expectations are exceeded.


We believe in teamwork. We are united around a common purpose which is to provide high quality experience for our clients and our staff.

Mutual Respect

We build relationships based on confidence and trust. We care for our clients in the same way that we, ourselves, would like others to care for us or our parents. Directors, management and staff treat one another as individuals, promoting an inclusive stage that values the capabilities and contributions of each person.


We recognise the impact our services have on our clients, their families, our staff and the society. We act with integrity, openness and transparency to stay true to our purpose and behave in a way that is consistent with our values.


We are committed to providing quality service in a professional manner for the satisfaction and success of our clients and staff.