Temporary Healthcare Staffing Solutions

P&R Health Care Solutions provide temporary staffing including nurses, health care assistants and support workers to clients across the North West. We supply to supported living organisations, privately owned residential & nursing homes, private hospitals, private clinics, local authorities, CCGs and others.

Why we are your choice of preference

We are aware that agency spending is on the increase in most health care bodies and continues to be an unsustainable headache for most health care organisations’ managers and directors. We will work with you to help reduce your agency spend to reasonable levels. Some of the ways on how we will work with you to reduce spend are as follows:

  • Reduce our margins in agreement with you in a spirit of partnership
  • We will offer to you well trained and experienced staff
  • Where clients require long term placements we will agree on continuity of the same staff with minimal interruptions as they will have gained knowledge of your business set up well and your clients would have been familiar with them
  • We can offer you big discounts where shifts have been booked well in advance and for longer periods of time.
  • We are always ready and willing to listen to our clients when it comes to agreeing pricing.

Domiciliary (Home) Care

We are passionate about homecare. As a Homecare provider, we at P&R Health Care Solutions, would like to care for you or your loved ones in the same way that we, ourselves, would have wanted others to care for us or our parents. We are really proud of the team we are putting together to care for you or your loved ones.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced for their roles and they deliver the best care and support to our clients in the comfort of their own homes. All our carers undergo a thorough selection process and are chosen only if they demonstrate what we believe to be the highest moral standards and the ability to care for people in a professional and non-invasive way.

We are well aware that we live in times where children, grandchildren and relatives lead busy working lives so much so that they can struggle to find time to provide the care that matches their parents’ and grandparents’ needs. Care homes may not be the preferred choice not only due to their great cost but also because you may not want your loved ones to leave their family home for an unfamiliar setting and surrounded by unfamiliar people. This is where P&R Health Care Solutions can come in.

We can provide an affordable and sustainable alternative to a care home and a care solution that can relieve the stress and worry for relatives: we can care and support the elderly clients with a unique personal care plan matched to their needs that will in turn help them to continue living a dignified and independent lifestyle.

Whatever the needs, we will always ensure the same carer team visits every time so a relationship can be established and the best care can be provided whilst we remain independent. We work with our clients or their families’ representative(s) to put in place the support that is required, along with agreed details of what support is needed and when.

We offer varying care and support packages starting from a 30 minute drop-in call or just a safety check through to a one hour or longer care visit. Listed below are some of the services we can provide depending on need:

Medication prompts:

timely prompts to take medication, drink water, and other daily wellness needs.

Meal preparation and groceries:

from shopping for groceries from a shop of your preference to planning and preparing healthy meals.

Staying active:

support to keep you moving and healthy, from a simple walk to specific exercises.

Light housekeeping:

washing dishes or laundry, taking out the trash, plus any other chores as may be agreed from time to time in accordance with your requirements.

Mutual Respect

We build relationships based on confidence and trust. We care for our clients in the same way that we, ourselves, would like others to care for us or our parents. Directors, management and staff treat one another as individuals, promoting an inclusive stage that values the capabilities and contributions of each person.

Personal care and hygiene:

P&R Health Care Solutions is able to support adults in their own homes with a wide range of personal hygiene needs. We offer care and support to adults of any age who need some assistance to continue living at home safely and comfortably.

Our personal care teams provide friendly and professional help for older people with daily tasks such as washing, dressing and bathing and using the toilet in a respectful and professional manner.


The fulfilment of our psychological need for companionship is essential for our wellbeing. P&R Health Care Solutions specialises in home care and aim to promote independence, dignity and privacy as people grow older and require extra help at home.

Whether you are looking for yourself, or a loved one, we can help. We provide companionship for both individuals and couples from the comfort of their own homes.

Our companionship care service is often a vital support for individuals whose family have moved away and who require just that little bit of extra support in the home.

If you are feeling alone or isolated in your home and concerned about your care needs now and in future, our P&R Health Care Solutions companionship service will ensure that you feel comfortable in your own home.

P&R Health Care Solutions companionship care provides the healthy interactions and activities that promote physical and cognitive health and wellbeing, through avoiding isolation, helping to maintain social skills, engaging in stimulating interactions and encouraging reminiscing, for example by reading or helping to collate a memory book.

Our P&R Health Care Solutions companionship care will help improve your self-esteem, sense of purpose and confidence.

Short stay check-in visits:

A skilled care advisor can be there in as little as 2 hours, 24/7 to check in on you or a loved one.

How our Home Care (Domiciliary Care) works

The following are the key steps that we follow in order to provide you
with a bespoke and high-quality home care service:

Call Us

In confidence and with no obligation to discuss your needs and concerns.

Our Number: +44 1204 938 066

Free Assessment

P&R Health Care Solutions’ qualified care team will visit you or your loved one at home to discuss your exact requirements.

Begin Care

P&R Health Care Solutions will match you with the best healthcare assistant to meet your needs, for the exact hours you need.

Ongoing Support

The P&R Health Care Solutions team are always here for you, to help with any advice or help that you require.